How I Work

For most jobs, I will come to your house to see what needs to be done and then send you a written quote. I usually schedule these appointments early morning (8:00/8:30) before I start my workday somewhere else, or late afternoon/early evening (4:30-6:00ish).

The quote will have a list of what the job includes...

For example:   
  • approximate size of job
  • what materials will be used
  • what the job entails
  • garbage disposal
  • The quote will often have a list of what is not included, if required...

    For example:   
  • does not include painting
  • if an electrician is required there will be an additional charge
  • The quote will also list deposit and payment requirements...

    For example:   
  • A 50% deposit is required with the balance due on delivery
  • or   
  • A 35% deposit is required, 35% at the end of the first week and balance due on completion of the job.
  • Once the client has agreed to the quote we will set a start date for the work to be done and I will get the deposit.

    When I do the smaller "handyman" jobs, I usually work on an hourly rate, plus GST, with a three-hour minimum. I try to schedule these in between my larger jobs.

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